Kristina Goshko, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines

Hi, I'm - Kristina Goshko, flight attendant in SkyUp Airlines


They say if you ask an aviator where his journey to aviation began, everyone will answer love brought me here.

I graduated from the Lviv National University. I even tried to work in the field of accounting and auditing, but my thirst for travel and love of adventure have won - and I am very happy about it.

It started when I came across a flight attendant's account at Instagram and I really wanted the same thing. Of course, a strong desire is half the battle, but in order to get this job I needed perfect English skills, so I started preparing. I studied the language myself for two years and then had no problem with the interview.

When I learned the language and said that I was doing it for my future profession, my mother would laugh and repeat that I was "flying in the clouds" with my pink glasses, and my father would wink at me and tell me that he believed in my plans. Now I really fly in the clouds and run a blog in Instagram called k_pinkglasses.


Working at SkyUp

During my first familiarization flight, when I could enter the cockpit, my tears rolled up in my eyes with happiness.

I love my job for the opportunity to travel, to meet such different and wonderful people, for my reliable colleagues nearby and for my uniform, of course. It's like a superhero costume! I have been working as a flight attendant for three years now and just like in the beginning I consider this profession one of the most romantic in the world.

The hardest part of the profession for me is not falling asleep on night flights. The longer you work, the harder night flights are given.


To become a flight attendant, you need good communication skills and good health, as well as the ability to swim and not be afraid to fly. To come to your senses when you feel afraid of flying, I advise you to take a breath, close your eyes... and wake up when the chief flight attendant announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, the city welcomes you..."

Why SkyUp? Because it is a company that in a year since its foundation has grown incredibly and has made a loud statement in the world of Ukrainian aviation. This airline is very close to me in spirit and atmosphere.

I have a favorite route: Kiev - Almaty - Sanya. There we have an opportunity to travel a little, to see the city, architectural monuments, to get acquainted with culture. I adore Asia, so I always fly there as if I were home - to the place where a part of my soul lives.

Pleasant moments.

Always, from the first day of my flight, before and after my flight, I listen to Maluma songs. Last year I was just incredibly happy when my favorite singer flew to Kiev with a concert, and the main organizer of this concert was my SkyUp - it proves once again that I am with the company on the same wave!

Once we had a Canadian passenger on the Kiev - Odessa flight. Although the flight was short, I couldn't miss the opportunity to communicate with him and practice my English. A month later I was working on this direction again, and here he comes! And right on the doorstep: "Christine, hello!" - even all the passengers turned around. It was very nice and pleasant that the passenger had not forgotten my name during the month of rest.

If life had turned out to be a profession change, I'm sure my temperament would have prevented me from sitting in one place. From the sky I would probably go down to the sea and the oceans - I think I would be a flight attendant on a sea liner.

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