50% cashback — for every fifth customer purchased ticket with the passenger’s balance on the first day of the New Year

28 Dec 2020

We believe that travels are one of the main wishes that will be made on New Year's Eve. Therefore, to make the process of making them come true even more enjoyable on the first day of the New Year, we’re launching a special offer: we’ll give a 50% cashback to every fifth ticket customer who makes a purchase* using the passenger's balance.

The opportunity to get cashback in the amount of half of the amount of purchase* will be available only on 1 January from 00:00 to 23:59.

What you have to do

  • Purchase tickets on skyup.aero for any destination and date** available
  • Pay for the purchase* with the passenger's balance in your personal account

For every fifth payment with passenger’s balance, we’ll count 50% cashback of the amount of purchase*. We’ll credit the funds to the passenger's balance.


*One purchase means one payment with the passenger's balance, regardless of the number of tickets in the booking

**Except for the periods 01.01.21 — 10.01.21, 05.03.21 — 10.03.21, 24.04.21 — 10.05.21, 26.06.21 — 30.06.21, 23.08.21 — 30.08.21