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The Canary Islands are getting closer: travel to Tenerife in both directions for only $ 99 *

08 Nov 2021

If Tenerife and the Canary Islands were once your dream, it's time to make it happen. From November 8 to 10, 2021, SkyUp provides the opportunity to purchase tickets Kiev - Tenerife - Kiev for only $ 99*. The promotion is valid for the period of travel until December 17, 2021. The number of promotional tickets is limited.

The warmth and eternal spring of the Atlantic

The incredible beauty of the Atlantic, the picturesque views of national parks, the Martian landscapes of volcanoes - the island of Tenerife is no doubt paradise. The unique climate of the Canary Islands allows you to travel here at any time of year.

The weather in Tenerife in November and December favors travelers, both lovers of outdoor activities and beach lovers - because the island is warm, sunny and relatively windless. No hint of a cold winter: get ready for warm spring weather 21-23°C and romantic walks under the sound of the ocean.

We are sure that after a trip to Tenerife you will fall in love with sunny Spain. SkyUp will be happy to be your guide to the beauties of this incredible country. We also operate flights to Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante. So do not restrain yourself in choosing the next destination!

Conditions of entry into Spain:

  • it is necessary to fill in the form of sanitary control on the portal of the Ministry of Health of Spain in advance at the link: After filling in this form, a QR code is generated, which must be provided to the representatives of the carrier before boarding the flight, as well as to the sanitary control services at the checkpoint at the port or airport of arrival in Spain.
  • The Spanish Ministry of Health has published an updated list of "green zone" countries (valid until November 14, 2021), which includes Ukraine. Therefore, citizens of Ukraine can travel to Spain without the need to provide vaccination certificates or negative Covid-19 test results, provided that the health control form is completed in advance.

For a comfortable trip, we recommend that you additionally check the current rules of entry into Spain on the Interactive Map of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, as well as the rules of crossing the border when returning to Ukraine.

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Travel safely and discover the world with SkyUp!


* The price is valid at the time of publication. It is paid in the national currency at the NBU exchange rate on the day of purchase