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Rules of conduct on board the aircraft

Air transportation is a special area where passenger safety is the priority. For us, these are not just words – we make sure your trip is safe and calm.

To any passenger’s action that endangers the safety of flight, life, health, dignity of the crew or other passengers there will be an immediate response by airline staff who have clear instructions and authority to prevent attempted violations on board.

IMPORTANT! Health care is always a priority for us, as much as the safety of your flight. That is why we recommend you to have a medical mask for the flight. You could put it on whenever it’s necessary or if you wish.

For non-compliance with the following rules of conduct, SkyUp Airlines has the right to apply various sanctions: from verbal remarks to an emergency landing at the nearest airport, surrender of the offender to the police, denial of transportation for several years, etc.

Please read the rules of conduct on board the aircraft during the flight.

A passenger reserves rights:

  • for his own safety to be provided;
  • to refuse from flight in case of reasonable uncertainty as for his safety to be provided;
  • to apply to aircrew members and call for their protection in case of any threat to his life, health or dignity.

A passenger is responsible for:

  • following discipline and rules of conduct on board of an AC;
  • following instructions and recommendations of aircrew members;
  • placing carry-on baggage and personal items in designated locations defined by a flight steward;
  • fastening seat belts while signal panel «fasten seat belts» is on;
  • remaining masked throughout the flight, except when he / she eats or drinks.

A passenger is prohibited:

  • to create situations which threaten flight safety or life, health or personal dignity of passengers and members of the aircrew;
  • to express disrespect, aggression toward other passengers and members of the aircrew;
  • to afford any form of abuse or physical violence toward other passengers and members of the aircrew;
  • to prevent members of the aircrew from performing their duties;
  • to intake drugs and other substances which result in intoxication;
  • to drink alcoholic beverages, except those offered by the aircrew;
  • to smoke on board of an AC, including vapes;
  • to leave his seat and move over the cabin of an AC, when it is prohibited by the aircrew;
  • to block passages, emergency and service doors and access to emergency exit doors;
  • to damage any equipment and property on board of an AC;
  • to carry any Airline-owned equipment or property out of an AC;
  • to use any emergency equipment if the aircrew has not given such command;
  • to make a video or a snapshot of an AC, passenger cabin, members of the aircrew and other personnel of the Airline without prior permit (approval) from the Airline management;
  • to use communication devices, such as a mobile phone, radio, etc. during the whole flight;
  • to use electronic devices, such as a laptop, tablet, player, etc. during take-off and landfall of an AC;
  • to create any other unlawful situations which threaten or can threaten flight safety;
  • to make psychological pressure or explicit intimidation, express violence, threat or make intentional damage to life, health or property of passengers, aircrew or the Airline;
  • to spread untrue information which can create a threat to safety of an AC;
  • to enter or try to enter the cockpit of an AC;
  • to open doors and emergency doors of an AC without authorization;
  • any other actions which create any threat to flight safety or have elements of crime, which responsibility is envisaged by criminal legislation of Ukraine or country of destination.

With purpose to provide flight safety the Airline reserve the right to prohibit or limit usage of electronic devices, mobile phones, portable PCs, portable tape-recorders, portable radios, CD/MP3-players, transmitters, including wireless-controlled toys, portable radio sets, etc. (excluding assistive listening devices and electric cardiostimulators).

In case of breaking the above-mentioned rules AC commander reserves rights:

  • to give orders and instructions which are subject to unconditional fulfilment by both members of the aircrew and passengers;
  • to apply all necessary measures, including those of compulsory nature, toward individuals who, with their actions, create a threat to flight safety and did not fulfil his orders;
  • to fulfil emergency landing at the nearest aerodrome (airport) to transfer the delinquent passenger to law enforcement officials.

The Airline rules in place and the existing practice of their exercising foresees such sanctions:

  • reimbursement by a passenger any additional costs incurred to the Airline as a result of delinquency committed on board of an AC;
  • reimbursement of loss of property incurred to the Airline by the delinquent passenger;
  • the Airline will deny further air transportation the passenger;
  • providing the incident for the maximal public coverage by the mass media and Internet.

Passengers can review Rules of Conduct on Board of an AC:

  • on the Airline official website;
  • on board of an AC;
  • at the Airline representative offices and tour operators;
  • at box offices.

Legislation of major countries in the world foresees penalty for breaking rules of Aviation / flight safety.

Delinquent passengers, due to distinctions of national laws, can be fined (fine amount from 340.00 UAH to 250,000.00 USD) and/or prosecuted (detention for from 15 days to 20 years).