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The first post-quarantine month in the sky — so far so good

The first post-quarantine month in the sky — so far so good

11 Aug 2020
During the first month of operation after the lifting of bans on passenger air transportation within the country and abroad, SkyUp resumed 50% of its pre-coronavirus operations. We also changed the CEO, launched a new CityBreak service, and updated the onboard menu.
88.5% Flights on time

Set a new bar for ourselves in terms of punctuality

In July, according to internal statistics*, SkyUp Airlines completed 88.5% of flights on time. We want to achieve a sustainable punctuality rate of 85-95% already in 2021.

Pre-coronavirus traffic volumes restored by half

During the past month, we managed to increase 50% of the pre-coronavirus average monthly traffic.


*From pre-coronavirus average monthly traffic

We’ve carried out 704 domestic and international flights. Of these, 438 are charter and 266 are regular

We’ve carried 25,433 passengers on flights within Ukraine. Another 70,974 passengers took advantage of our international flights.

Of the two current international regular routes (Albania and Bulgaria) our passengers chose Albania more often. We carried most of the passengers on charter flights to Turkey, and in the direction of Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh was more popular than Hurghada.

We continue to carry out freight transportation

23 tons of cargo in July
In July, we transported 23 tons of freight by cargo and passenger flights. Today, SkyUp has permission to carry various types of freight on passenger flights. Story of how we started to provide a new service is. here.


July is a month of updates for SkyUp


For our passengers, we’ve updated our onboard menu, hich is yet available by pre-order for flights departing from Kyiv only, and we launched a new CityBreak service — a package “flight tickets + hotel for 2-3 days at a special price” for a spontaneous short vacation.


We also replaced the CEO and announced the main vectors of development and goals of the airline for the next five years.

The world is changing, but travel remains an integral part of it. For ensuring that more Ukrainians can travel comfortably, safely, and affordably, we ourselves are changing too.

*The method used to calculate statistics is as follows: we consider flights from and to airports of Ukraine. From all these flights, we calculate those that were late by more than 15 minutes, more than 30 minutes, more than one hour and canceled flights.
Punctuality rate is the percentage of flights that departed with a delay of less than 15 minutes (according to world aviation standards)