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Air Transport Rules Update

SkyUp Airlines comments on some changes to the Rules of air transportation and servicing of passengers and baggage coming into force on 08/01/2020

From January 16, 2020, the new "Rules of air transportation and servicing of passengers and baggage", hereinafter referred to as the Rules, applicable by SkyUp Airlines will come into force.

These Rules are based on the Aviation Rules of Ukraine “Rules of air transportation and servicing of passengers and baggage” approved by the Order №1239 of the State Aviation Administration dated 26/11/2018.

We will touch up the most important points of these Rules and pay attention to some of the changes that have been made.

Check-in time for passengers is set by the air carrier. Check-in at the airport located on the territory of Ukraine may be closed no earlier than 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Paragraph 8.1.4. of the Rules states:

Check-in time for passengers:

  • beginning - 2 hours (when departing from Tel Aviv - 3 hours) before the flight departure time
  • Ending - 45 minutes (when departing from Tel Aviv - 1 hour) before the flight’s departure time

Boarding time for passengers:

  • 15 minutes before departure time.

Note! If the flight is rescheduled, check-in on departure from Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia begins 2 hours before and ends 45 minutes before the new departure time. If the flight is rescheduled, check-in when departing from countries other than Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia can begin 2 hours before and end 45 minutes before both the new departure time or the initial one (in this case, the airline informs passengers of regular flights about the time of registration).

In accordance with paragraph 10.5. of the Rules check-in for passengers and baggage registration are carried out on the basis of a ticket and a document certifying the identity of the passenger, namely:

  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine (for travelling abroad and returning to Ukraine);
  • child's travel document;
  • diplomatic passport;
  • service passport;
  • seafarer's identity document;
  • crew member's certificate;
  • certificate for return to Ukraine;
  • foreigner's passport document issued by an authorized body of a foreign state or by the United Nations confirming the foreigner's citizenship, certifying a foreigner or stateless person, and granting the right to enter or leave the country and recognized by Ukraine;
  • in the cases stipulated by the international treaties of Ukraine, - other documents that can be used for traveling abroad.

Pay attention! Office IDs, Deputy's Certificate, etc. are not a documentary basis to check-in for a trip.

Boarding ends 15 minutes before the departure time of the flight – the gate closes. If a person is late for boarding because of the queue at the control, the Airline must reimburse the cost of a ticket. In the previous version of the Rules, such a delay at the control was not a basis for either waiting for the passenger or for reimbursing the cost of the ticket.

Paragraph 11.7. In case of unreasonable delay of the passenger connected with the passing of the control for the purpose of civil aviation safety, the Airline shall, at the choice of such passenger, provide him (her) with air transportation with the next flight or completely reimburse the cost of a ticket or its unused part.

Carriage of cabin baggage is governed by paragraph 12.10 of the Rules.

Importantly! Responsibility for the cabin baggage is borne by the passenger throughout all the transportation. No compensation for its loss or damage is provided.

12.2.1. Regardless of the rules governing the fare at which the ticket was purchased, the passenger has the right to carry such unchecked baggage (cabin baggage) free of charge and is responsible for its storage, including: woman's and man's bags, folder for papers, outerwear, jacket, umbrella or stick, printed in-flight reading, baby food required during the flight, baby cradle (in the presence of a child under the age of 1 year), a stroller, folding wheelchair and/or crutches.

The updated wording of the Rules states that the weight of unchecked baggage should not exceed 7 kg, the rest of the items (woman's or man's bag, umbrella, printed reading, baby food, etc.) should not weigh more than 3 kg.

Pay attention! Food for babies may be transported in the amount required when traveling and, in accordance with international practice, it must not be packaged in container up to 100 ml. However, it should be remembered that in some countries airport services strictly adhere to the rules on the transportation of cabin baggage (this applies in particular to Sharjah and Tel Aviv airports).

The maximum load on the seats purchased for the additional placement of cabin baggage (diplomatic mail, musical instrument, etc.) should not exceed 75 kg.

The aircraft cabin has 4 places for transportation of pets. One place is a cage with an animal and their total weight should not exceed 8 kg.

We encourage people traveling with children to note that mercury thermometers are forbidden to be transported in the cabin of the aircraft.

The unsatisfactory condition of the bag or suitcase, which will be used as a cabin baggage, may become a reason for refusing to carry it.

Baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg may be carried as checked baggage. The sum of three dimensions of a single piece of baggage (length, width, height) should not exceed 158 cm.

12.1.3 Excess baggage, oversized baggage and baggage weighing more than 32 kg shall be accepted for transportation only with the consent of the Airline and if there is a free space on board to transport such baggage, and provided the passenger has paid for this baggage.

Pay attention! Even if the passenger has received from the Airline the consent to purchase a unit of checked baggage, the weight of one piece (suitcase, bag, etc.) may not exceed 32 kg even with an extra charge. This is due to the limitations of the physical workload on the platform staff.

Baggage that does not meet these requirements must be registered for transportation by air as a cargo.

The Airline may, at its option, combine baggage characteristics during the registration:

12.1.11. Baggage registration at the choice of the Airline can be carried out in accordance with a baggage weight concept or a baggage piece concept, i.e. a combination of characteristics of weight, size, and number of pieces.

Importantly! SkyUp Airlines rules provide 10 kg of checked baggage per child (up to 2 years old) free of charge even if the accompanying adult is traveling on a baggage-free ticket.

After check-in and baggage registration, the carrier is responsible for the integrity and safekeeping of checked baggage.

In case of destruction, loss, damage, delay in the transportation of baggage, the passenger has the right to submit a claim to the air carrier.

The Airline's liability for improper carriage is in any case limited to the actual damage proved by the passengers and does not exceed SDR 1 288* (for the minimum free baggage allowance established by the competent civil aviation authority) for each passenger.

*SDR – special drawing rights (SDRs) – are reserve and payment instrument issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). SDR are only available in non-cash form as bank account entries. For 2020, the SDR rate is: 1 SDR = $ 0.58252 = € 0.38671.

All items which were forgotten and left in the aircraft cabin except passports are sent to Boryspil airport for storage. The lost passport remains at the point of arrival of the aircraft with the Airline representative at the airport. For the items lost or forgotten on board an aircraft, please contact [email protected]

The Airline may delay or cancel a flight both for commercial reasons, and for reasons that do not depend on it.

In accordance with paragraph 15.3 of the Rules, in all cases of delay/cancellation of flights, except under extraordinary circumstances, the Airline or its sales agent is obliged to notify the passengers no later than three hours before the check-in begins.

Depending on duration of the flight delay or the distance to be overcome (the so-called "reasonable delay"), the Airline is obliged to provide the following services:

  • distance of 1,500 km or less or delay of 2+ hours – water, sandwiches;
  • 1,500 – 3,500 km or 3+ hours – hot meals;
  • more than 3,500 km or 4+ hours – meals and accommodation as needed (more than 6 hours of flight delay at night and over 8 hours during the day).

If the flight is delayed by more than 5 hours the passenger is entitled to a 100 percent reimbursement of the ticket price if he/she does not wish to use the alternative transportation offered by the Airline.

If the flight is canceled (passengers are denied transportation against their will), in addition to reimbursement of the ticket price, the air carrier must pay them compensation in the following amounts:

  • € 250 – for flights up to 1,500 kilometers;
  • € 400 – for flights from 1,500 to 3,500 kilometers;
  • € 600 – for flights over 3500 kilometers.

If the flight is canceled 14 days before the departure date, only the ticket price will be reimbursed to the passenger (without compensation).

The new wording of the Rules defines the term "extraordinary circumstances".

Extraordinary circumstances are the circumstances that lead to a long delay or cancellation of one or more flights, even if the carrier has taken all reasonable steps to prevent delays or cancellations.

Extraordinary circumstances include but are not limited to: hostilities, public riots, sabotage, embargoes, fires, floods or other natural disasters, explosions, actions or omissions of public authorities, strikes, technical obstacles caused by failures and malfunctions of power supply systems, means of communication, communications, equipment, software. The technical malfunctions of the aircraft are not the extraordinary circumstances.

The air carrier is not obliged to pay compensation, if it can provide confirmation that the flight was canceled due to extraordinary circumstances or force majeure that could not be prevented even if all measures were taken.

People with disabilities and those who are more than 28 weeks pregnant should provide certificate valid for 5 days, confirming that the person can fly safely. Pregnant with a term of more than 35 weeks (in case of multiple pregnancy – 32 weeks) are not allowed to fly.

9.2.9. Pregnant women may be accepted for transportation by air provided that their pregnancy does not exceed 35 weeks and in case of multiple pregnancy – 32 weeks.

All pregnant women must complete the Expectant Mother Form before flying.

Any flight is a stress for the body with overloads, changes in pressure, climate and other negative factors. The rules of different countries of the world determs clear periods of pregnancy when the person can fly without restrictions, terms when the person can fly only with the permission of a doctor, and terms when flying is prohibited. Passengers should familiarize themselves with country-specific departure rules when purchasing tickets.

Paragraph 9.2.11 of the Rules “does not recommend transporting of parturients and newborns during the first 7 days after childbirth". The Airline may prohibit the transportation of the specified passenger category.